The Ancient Funeral

by Dominus Morti

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Final album.
R.I.P. 2014


released December 29, 2014



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Dominus Morti

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Track Name: Ablaze is the Blood in My Pagan Heart
As my village burns, the smoke and flames touch the hazy sky
Vivid are the memories of the cross-bearing raiders
Missionaries of God, they kill without mercy

Ablaze is the blood in my pagan heart
On my death quest I set out
Mighty beasts I encounter on my travels through lands unknown
To the golden city gates, where the murderers of my people reside

I am the one forgotten, left with nothing but my father's sword
When the winds of ice blew in, I had not a shield
But now I have harnessed it's power and wield it's fury cold
My body has been trained and sharp is my mind

I have learned the ways of the forest and spoken with wolves
From mages and sorcerers I've acquired the dark spells
My weapons are many and my steed is strong
Soon the blood of many holy men shall stain my sword!

Ablaze is the blood in my pagan heart
To other heathen towns I ride
Finding only smoldering ashes, the few who've survived
Join in my journey, and I shall teach them the warrior's way
So that we as few, may kill as one