Enclaves of Magic & Chaos

by Dominus Morti

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"Enclaves..." is Dominus Morti's full-length debut album, forged in the cold dark of winter 2010-2011. Originally released in digital format by This Winter Will Last Forever Records (Italy) in 2012 and re-issued on cassette by Infernal Kommando Records (France) in 2013.


released June 5, 2012

Malth- all instruments and vocals



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Dominus Morti

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Track Name: Tales of Woe
they come from afar to speak of the way
by land and by sea they travel for days
and weeks and months to seek forgotten lands
winter has come and the air is cold
the ancient scripts have foretold
of the years long war that is now at our shores

blazing through forests, mountains and lakes
the invaders have come and intend to take
what generations have given their lives to build
these are the tales of woe and war
we take to our heels to settle the score
of battles waged so very long ago

the blades are sharp and our will is strong
the sunlight has dimmed and it will not be long
before the fight to save our home has begun
these are the tales of woe and war
the bravest of men who opened the door
to walk down the path of their own demise

now the moon is high and the sky is dark
we look to the god of the sword storm's spark
to guide us to the fall of our enemies
the attacks begin and the flames burn hot
into our sinister trap they are caught
as confusion and chaos spread across the land

many have tried and many have died
the tears of women and children who cried
for the loss of the ones who never will return
these are the tales of woe and war
the stories of those who walked to fore
and gave up their lives to keep the others free

with victory our swords are held high
we celebrate for all those who died
ales will be drank and music will be played
the tales of the wars will be passed down
the might of our people has been shown
to the rest of a world that bows down in fear
Track Name: Winter on the Coast
and so the rains have come again
stormy clouds are moving in
the jagged peaks become enshrouded in grey
winds from the west blow on this cold winter's day
mighty waves crash against eroded stone
yet the great monolith stands high, free, alone

it's winter on the coast

high above, moonshadow becomes hypnotic
i stare out into the great ocean so vast, so vast
i, the lonely traveller just another set of footprints in the sand
here long before me and so it shall forever be

here long before me and so it shall forever be
so it shall be long after all is gone
Track Name: Red Wine Dirge
as i gaze into the night sky
and i drink deeply of the red wine
a warming feeling comes over me
unearthly magick surrounding me
silence isolation and somber solitude
are my only desires my only desires!

the rain falls ever softly upon mossy ground
like a funeral song oh how sweet the sorrow sounds

winter has betrothed me to desperation
the gray skies are closing in
let the evening wind take me away
and let the sacred wine forever flow

my heart feels cold cold and black
but the blessed wine will always take me back
back to a place a place i wish to be
with the ancient ones that came before me
to walk away from all i know
and leave it all leave it all behind